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Kansas City

Kansas City Area Transportation Authority

Hosting a rally with elected officials, employees, customers.


Missouri Public Transit Association

The Missouri Public Transit Association (MPTA) is scheduling a public event to highlight the importance of and advocate for a long-term, sustainable and reliable federal transportation funding bill. MPTA also will celebrate the success of the HealthTran Rural Transit Pilot Program, which connects public transit resources to healthcare.

St. Louis

Bi-State Development Agency

Holding a press event at the future site of the North County Transit Center in Ferguson, Mo. Using social media platform to promote day and working with local transit advocacy group--Citizens for Modern Transit--to highlight “100 Reasons to Stand Up for Transit” on social media.

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Congress, we ask you to provide the long-term investment in our nation’s transportation infrastructure that will keep America moving forward.

A strong, modern transportation system is vital to:

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  • Our environment
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  • America's continued mobility

America’s transportation network should work better for all of us and all the ways we use it and rely on it every day.

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