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Buffalo Grove

Vapor Bus International and Ricon Corporation – Wabtec Companies

Vapor Bus International will stage a media event and photo op to highlight Stand Up 4 Transportation Day.


Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District

The Champaign-Urbana (IL) Mass Transit District will convene a group press event at its Illinois Terminal multimodal center. Participating organizations will share information about local public transit and infrastructure projects whose success depends upon robust and long-term federal funding.


Urban Transportation Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago

UTC is partnering with colleagues in the partnering with colleagues at the Office of Sustainability to encourage all members of the UIC community to take public transportation April 9. Organized a contest for riders to log their mode of travel and win prizes. Recruited UIC students to distribute flyers on CTA rapid transit lines that serve UIC, wearing SU4T t-shirts. Encouraged other levels of participation among university faculty, staff and students: organize workshops, contact member of Congress, share personal stories of public transportation’s value to individuals and the economy, use APTA resources, reach out on social media using #SU4T.


Greater Peoria Mass Transit District

Planning a press conference and rally on the Peoria waterfront; invited government leaders and business officials.


Connect Transit

Staffing busiest transfer points and user-rich corporate locations to pass out branded materials (including Connect Transit back packs) with information about SU4T day as well as a prompt to go to to sign online petition. Recording “why I ride/why public transportation is important to me” stories that agency will live tweet using #SU4T. Pre-promotion includes a video featuring local business leaders and why this day is so important and why they “Stand Up for Transportation.” Video will be used on social media pages, website, and shared with local media. Planning a media event at agency facility for local and federal elected officials; event includes an invitation to elected leaders to participate in a bus obstacle course on training lot.


Sign the Petition!

Congress, we ask you to provide the long-term investment in our nation’s transportation infrastructure that will keep America moving forward.

A strong, modern transportation system is vital to:

  • Our economy
  • Our local communities
  • Our environment
  • Our safety
  • America's continued mobility

America’s transportation network should work better for all of us and all the ways we use it and rely on it every day.

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